2" Double Bicycle Super Duty Quik Rack (Black)
  - Weight of rack, 47 lbs
  - Free Shipping on orders of $525

This rack has all the same functionality and features as our standard racks. It has a solid 2" hitch bar and an added support bar that allows the rack to carry bikes up to 75 lbs with no issues. This rack is a fixed 2 bike rack and is rated for up to 3 bikes ( 50 lbs- 75 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (50 lbs or less per bike). Always load the heaviest bike closest to the vehicle.

All bikes with wheel sizes from 16 to 29 inch and as wide as 3- inch will fit the this rack. Bike wheel bases up to 52 inch (axle to axle) will work also.

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