60" Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier (Silver)
  - Durable, extruded 2” anodized aluminum hitch
  - Rated for up to 380 lbs
  - Compatible with two 1up USA Quik Rack Add ons
  - Inside 19” X 58” X 3.65” deep
  - Cargo Carrier 52 lbs
  - Comes with 4 stainless steel eye nuts
  - Minimal and easy assembly
  - Free shipping!

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When you’re headed out on the open road and your trunk is too small, the solid and robust 1up USA 2” Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier allows for necessary extra space AND is rated for up to two mounted 1up USA Add-ons!

Available in two sizes and colors, the multi-purpose rugged carrier is rated for up to 380 lbs on a Class III + receiver. 100% made in the USA, it is constructed of anodized and powder coated aluminum components that will not rust. The carrier tilts up to 90 degrees for storage or away for rear vehicle access. The extrusion rail will accept 5/16” SAE carriage bolts 360 degrees around the cargo tray for optimal tie-down locations or mounting of additional accessories. There is minimal assembly of the cargo tray to the hitch assembly with 8 bolts.

With the same hitch design as our 1up USA racks, it mounts to your vehicle in seconds with a unique corner expander ball that eliminates all wobble and play. 1up USA provides the anti-theft security tool needed for mounting. Loosen the anti-theft security expander bolt to remove the cargo carrier from the hitch.

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