E-Motion Roller
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Finally, a cycling platform that moves with you, allowing the natural motion of real riding. The E-motion system completely changes the feel of indoor riding…It’s so SWEET!

The patented design is based on a simple sliding frame, which lets the bike float naturally forward or back as you ride…so your bike reacts freely to the movement of your body, as it does on the road. Common rollers prevent natural motion (which is why people don’t like them). This is the first trainer EVER to create a full 3-dimensional feel with steering, balance and freedom of motion. The sensation is awesome, like the first time you learned to ride a bike…it just feels right!

Get the most out of your training time. In the winter, ride longer distances without discomfort and without sacrificing your form. In the summer, crank up the mag unit for some killer intervals, or spin easy for recovery rides. Watch your favorite cycling video/DVD while riding...relax and train without tension. Practice your full aero TT position for extended periods. You can even cruise along with No Hands! E-motion is the most versatile trainer you’ll ever use, and you’ll happily get rid of your plain rollers you hate to ride!

Never been on rollers before? Has your mind ever wandered while riding your plain rollers and you’ve found yourself riding right off the drums? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised with E-motions at how easy it is to get the hang of and how the safety features (like the bumper system and the side wheels) make you feel secure while riding. For those cyclists who aren’t as experienced…the E-motion is the perfect tool to smooth your stroke and steady your balance on the bike. The floating action gently helps you improve your skills because it’s so easy to see any excess motion, the improvements will be practically automatic.

The E-motion comes with a MAGNETIC resistance unit and precision ALUMINUM drums. It is QUIET and RELIABLE and offers an amazing level of comfort and rideability. It’s a dream machine for the thousands of cyclists who are sick of conventional rollers, but want to ride indoors to stay fit.

A note to you hardcore roller-monkeys Although the floating action will keep you "in the pocket" 95% of the time, for absolute security, our bumper system is exceptional. You cannot ride out of these rollers! For aggressive sprinting, and out of the saddle efforts, the bumpers will keep you up and cranking no matter how wild you get... without disturbing your steering or balance! Maximum Wheel Base (axle to axle) is 42 inches. Ride it as hard or easy as you want.

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