Quick Nut (Red)
  - Replacement nuts for quick releases.
  - Free Shipping on orders of $525
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Stop fumbling with your Q-R --- Use a Quick-Nut instead!

Quick-Nuts incorporate an adjustable set screw that stops the Quick-Nut at the desired position. The first time you install the Quick-Nut, you must adjust it in the normal trial and error manner. After the desired quick release clamping force is achieved, you then use the Allen Key provided, and tighten the set screw until it stops. The next time you install your wheel, just turn the Quick-Nut until it stops, then close the quick release lever. The correct clamping force is achieved over and over again. There is no more guesswork when mounting your wheels. Quick-Nuts are safer and faster to use and there is no chance to incorrectly mount your wheels. Quick-Nuts are for everyone, not just racers.

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