Double Bicycle Quik Rack (Black)
  - Heavy Duty 2" Hitch Carrier
  - Designed to Carry Minimum of 2 Bicycles
  - Compatible with Quik Rack Add On
  - Rated For Up to 4 Bicycles w/ Add Ons
  - Rates for 50 lbs per bike spot
  - Free Shipping on orders of $525

The fastest Hitch-mounting and Bike loading Rack ever! 100% Made in the USA

Mounting the 1up USA Quik-Rack to your Vehicle in 10 seconds or less!

This rack has a solid 2" hitch bar and is a fixed 2-bike system. It cannot be reduced down to fit into a 1 " hitch, and the second trays cannot be taken off to make a 1-bike system. It was designed for people who are interested or planning to carry up to 4 bikes. This rack is also great for off-road situations. It weighs 46 lbs. It is $31 more expensive than a Quik-Rack + Add-on due to the heavier duty hitch bar.

The 1up USA Quik-Rack has more features than any other bike carrier. Fully assembled and ready for use. You won't get bags full of nuts and bolts to assemble. It mounts to your vehicle in 10 seconds with a unique corner expander ball that eliminates all wobble and play. To mount the Quik-Rack just insert it until it stops, then tighten the anti-theft security expander bolt (1-2 turns). That's it! No Hitch Pin or bolt to install or lose. 1up USA provides the anti-theft security tool needed for the 5 second job. To remove the Quik-Rack just loosen the anti-theft security expander bolt (1-2 turns) and remove the Quik-Rack from the hitch. When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and fits back in it's reusable box.

Loading your bikes on the 1up USA Quik-Rack in 5 seconds or less.

Loading your bike could not be easier. Just open the arms, set your bike in then close the arms. Your bike is securely held by the tires only. It takes only 5 seconds to load your bike and 5 seconds to unload! There are no bungee cords, straps or clamps to fuss with. The 1up USA Quik-Rack can be used with most bikes and wheel sizes. All bikes with wheel sizes from 16 to 29 inch and as wide as 3- inch will fit the Quik-Rack. Bike wheel base up to 52 inch (axle to axle) will work also. When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and fits back in it's reusable box only 38" X 14" X 10 " and weighs only 48 pounds. Small enough to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. You will not find features like this on any other rack.

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