Quik Rack Roof Tray (Silver)
  - Designed to Carry 1 Bicycle
  - Rates for 50 lbs per bike spot
  - Free Shipping on orders of $525

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A great bike rack for the top of most car models!

Loading your bike could not be easier. Just open the arms, set your bike in then close the arms. Your bike is securely held by the tires only. It takes only 5 seconds to load your bike and 5 seconds to unload! There are no straps or clamps to fuss with.

Our roof tray is easy to mount with clamps wide enough to accomodate 3 3/4 inch wide cross bars. Works great with Aero bars. It has unlimited adjustment for the clamps under the entire length of the tray.

The 1up Quik-Rack Roof Tray is made from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware and will look great on your vehicle for years to come. There is no plastic parts to crack or break.

The 1up USA Quik-Rack Roof Tray can be used with most bikes and wheel sizes. All bikes with wheel sizes from 16 to 29 inch and as wide as 3- inch will fit the Quik-Rack Roof Tray. Bicycle wheel base up to 52 inch (axle to axle) will work also.

When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and is only 2-1/2 inches tall. This is the lowest profile of any roof tray system. This means less wind resistance and less wind noise.

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