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World's Best Performing Bike Trainer...Guaranteed! Only Trainer made entirely in the USA! Voted BEST Trainer 10 years in a row!

The 1up USA CPR A-2000 Bicycle Trainer won the best trainer award for the last 10 years in Mountain Bike Review and Road Bike Review. The Choice Award was for best "Trainer" category. It had the highest ratings for bicycle trainers that met the minimum number of reviews requirement.

- 7.5 lb Flywheel Provides a smooth ride with a long coast down. The revolving weight, and angled cooling holes also allows heat to dissipate quickly from the resistance unit.

- 3-inch Dia. Roller Extends tire life and provides the most quiet ride of any trainer.

- Vertical Height Adjustment Bicycle can be lowered for level ride eliminating the need for costly riser blocks. Our trainer will accommodate tire sizes 16-inch up to 29er's.

-It's only 6 inches thick when folded, and it ships to you ready to use with no assembly required!

Here's What People Are Saying About the 1 up Bicycle Trainer:

"Quiet. Lightweight. Compact to transport or store. Easy to adjust. Well built. Sturdy feel. User friendly. Good road feel. Easy on tires. Works equally well on my road bike and my son's road bike which has 24" wheels."

"This trainer is the best on the market for the money. Quiet, responsive, durable and did I mention very quiet! The best bang for your buck. I am very pleased."

"All I can say is this thing ROCKS! Best trainer I've ever used. Easy to set up and use, VERY smooth, quiet and it just plain works perfect! No noist like the wind trainers and no leaks like the hydro ones. Even the regular price of $300 is WAY worth it! Get one!'

"Rugged, easy-to-use; even, smooth resistance; doesn't require a front wheel spacer; doesn't overheat; feels like riding outside, with several resistance options, including standing up. The company stands behind its product"

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